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lynnylou's Journal

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Well since this page is all about me I guess that is what I should talk about. I am just an average ordinary person trying to maneuver her way through this life, and not trying to hit to many road blocks on they way. I was born and raised in Iowa living in a various small communities which is more than likely most people have never heard of. So where was I? Oh yes I was telling you all about me. I am 5’9 and it not polite to ask a woman’s weight LOL. I have brownish hair and hazel eyes, and I do wear glasses. I really like tattoos I have got alot of them. I have two full sleeves and got all the left lower half of my leg done and I have some going around my neck and I play to get more.

I have a variety of interests as well I do enjoy listen to music. I like a wide variety of music I love listening so I can relax listening to music or my podcasts. I also enjoy watching television, and movies. I do like my movies I have an ever expanding movie collection, and at last count I had about 800 dvds, and that is not counting the various television collectors set. I am an avid reader. I also enjoy playing video games. I have several systems at home. I also play World of Warcraft so if you play hit me up and we can meet online and quest together.

I am looking to to meet new people. I like to chat online so if you’re ever feel like chatting hit me up and see if I am online. Good Night and Good Luck.